What is being done in the name of ‘to Preserve our Democracy’

| 05 Jul 2021 | 08:05

    This is a reply to the letter to the editor entitled “I can no longer be neutral.”

    Why is it when the things are not going the Democrat’s way, they want to change laws, the Constitution and lately again expand the Supreme Court.

    In addition to the above mentioned changes, they want to create the statehood from D.C. and Puerto Rico. This is not because they are very benevolent politicians, but because they want preserve the political power in perpetuity, without any opposition for themselves.

    This is all being done in the name to “Preserve our Democracy.”

    Lately the SCOTUS uphold the election changes done in Arizona. Democrats don’t like it a bit, why? Because in Arizona and in other states, they required of all voters to be a citizens of the United States and have an ID to prove it.

    So what’s wrong with that?


    Democrats cry discrimination and racism, imagine that?

    They want to create two new states so they can gain four new Democratic senators, thus have a permanent control of the Senate.

    They want to expand the Supreme Court to eleven justices, again to have a permanent control of the Supreme Court, all this in the name of preserving our Democracy. Unbelievable.

    Crime is rising all across the USA, especially when the Democrats are in charge. They defund the police departments and now they blame the Republicans for it.

    Our southern border were most secured just seven months ago, look at it now, completely open, people coming as they wish, drugs as well.

    Where is our President and VP?

    Where are the progressive Democrats, protesting the mistreatment of the illegal immigrants and their children?

    Eventually, we the citizens of this country will pick-up the bill, you can rest assure of that. I urge strongly, if you agree with me, please contact your Senators and express your dissatisfaction with the present administration policy. Thank you.


    John Ihnachak