'What do you think is right?'

| 05 Oct 2017 | 01:55

    Do you live in a lovely quiet historic village surrounded by farms and orchards?
    Do you love to have family and friends visit your home?
    Do you feel blessed to have the good fortune to be surrounded by loving friends and neighbors in your community?
    I do. I love it here. Silent at night with clear star lit skies right in the Village of Warwick.
    Does a 90-seat bar belong in this setting smack in the middle of neighborhood backyards?
    In an appeal right out of a newsreel from 1939 applicants will be coming before the Village Planning board on October 19 and are encouraging drinking buddies and supporters to wear red T-shirts to the meeting prove that “YESTERDAYS RULES”.
    They are offering supporters commemorative shirts, soup and beer to help ruin homes.
    They feel that our homes and neighborhoods are unimportant.
    This impacts the whole village and the whole town.
    This impacts your family and children.
    We set an example with our actions. What do you think is right?
    If you believe in the Warwick of neighbors, neighborhoods and everyone’s right to a peaceful home life please come out to the Town Hall on Kings Highway on October 19th at 7 p.m. and support our neighborhood in its effort to remain a place to raise a family and age in place.
    Put up a "NO BAR" sign in your front yard if this matters to you at all.
    Otherwise run down and sign up for a red shirt.
    I think the shirts will say “I’ll wreck my neighbor’s home for BEER”.
    Patrick Gallagher