‘What did you know and when did you know it?’

| 14 Sep 2020 | 12:58

    If there was to be no such thing as hypocrisy, the following could not be real.

    However, I’m about sure that if one were to look up the word Hypocrisy in the dictionary, well, the following would be the very textbook definition:

    Donald J. Trump’s defense for not informing the American people about the severity of the coronavirus, and how it could be transmitted through the air, and other deadly truths about the virus which he told Bob Woodward back in February 2020, was because Donald Trump did not want to cause “panic among the American people.”

    At the same time now, all of Donald Trump’s ads on television are warning the American people of how suburbs will be succumb to riots and destruction and we will all be plunged into the depths of hell if Joe Biden becomes President of the United States of America.

    So let me get this straight. Donald Trump chose to hide the truth about the coronavirus and its seriousness because he was afraid that he may cause the American public to “panic?”

    The American people don’t panic when they calmly and honestly are told that there is a problem that the nation needs to confront, and that the people need to come together and take bold action.

    When these things happens, Americans know how to put their boots on, grab their gear and go at the problem and defeat it like we have before.

    And yet, in all of Donald Trump’s ads on television, he is showing apocalyptic images of America in order to panic the people into what America will be like if Joe Biden is president, even though those are the very images of the things that are happening under Donald Trump’s own presidency right now.

    And yet, with all that being said and being done by this pathetic, hypocritical example of a president, no matter what slander or lies and deceits which comes out of his loud, foul mouth, his followers and his devotees will still be “willing to crawl over hot coals in to vote for him in November.”

    This was said by a gentleman who recently called in on the line supporting Donald Trump on C-Span Journal in the morning. He said that he had “not voted for Donald Trump in the last election,” but that this time he would “willing to crawl over a bed of hot coals to vote for him in November.”

    To all people who are fans or devotees of President Donald Trump, just because I wrote a factual piece that may not please you, please do not assume that I am a Donald Trump “hater” or anyting else about what my political ideology or affiliations may or may not be whatsoever, certainly not without even conversing with me first. Thank you.

    Richard Freifeld