‘What are you really afraid of?’

| 07 Mar 2021 | 04:56

    I read with confusion and alarm the full page ad in last week’s paper by Maurice Luftig and Warwick Parents for Common Sense.

    Sorry, but it doesn’t sound like common sense to me.

    I am a white grandmother who has lived in Warwick for 33 years, my three children attended the Warwick schools.

    I participated in the Black Lives Matter’s rallies and marches in Warwick last summer so that I could listen to speakers and learn more about the issues.

    I don’t consider myself “woke” or part of a “mob.”

    Honestly, I don’t understand the meaning behind your ad. You imply there is some devious conspiracy to turn us all toward Marxism, to undermine the nuclear family.

    I follow closely the developments in the Warwick School District and have seen no evidence of this.

    On the contrary, the district is committed to respecting the needs of children and families.

    You also state as “fact” many things I question:

    For example, how do you know that many people in BLM have no children in the Warwick schools?

    Do you have any children in the school system, Maurice Luftig?

    I have been educating myself about systemic racism. I’ve learned through reading that it doesn’t mean that all white people are racists. What it does mean is that many of our laws and practices have perpetuated discrimination for hundreds of years and up to the present.

    The Civil Rights Act was a critical step in addressing our country’s long history of racism. We are still on the journey and I am proud that the Warwick School District has chosen to embrace ongoing education of this important subject.

    I’m disturbed by your alarmist and accusatory language. You are trying to distort education about racial equity, suggesting focusing on it means that character doesn’t matter any more.

    Come on, Mr. Luftig, we all know that both are important.

    What are you really afraid of?

    Teri Mack