‘We, without reservation, recommend’ the re-election of Sharon Davis, Lynn Lillian and David Eaton

| 03 May 2021 | 07:57

    Dear fellow members of the Warwick community,

    As the next election for school board members will soon be upon us, we would like to share our thoughts on some of the candidates for re-election.

    Sharon Davis, Lynn Lillian and David Eaton have decades of combined school board experience, are active in our community and are parents of children who have gone through our public school system.

    They are ecumenical, open minded and have a true concern for the students

    of this district, whether they have special needs or special talents. Whether they are athletes, artists, academics or are struggling to find their way, this is a team of some of the most concerned and compassionate humans you could hope to have behind your child.

    We voted for them when our children were in the school system because we know them personally, and know them to be people we could trust with our children’s future.

    We, without reservation, recommend them to you to see to your children’s scholastic needs.

    It is becoming rarer and rarer to find individuals of impeccable character and without hidden agendas. It is our hope, that come May 18th, you will vote as we will, for Sharon Davis, Lynn Lillian and David Eaton.


    Karen and Leo Kaytes