‘We have a choice to make next week’

| 10 May 2021 | 06:54

    I am writing today to voice my support of Sharon Davis, Lynn Lillian and Dave Eaton. I am the parent of three children in the district: my twin sons who attend 5th grade and my daughter in 11th.

    I am also a former member of the Executive Committee of our district’s special needs parents association, the Warwick Valley SEPTA. As a parent I have seen how the support for our children both in and out of the classroom has benefited not only them but all of us as a community.

    I have seen my daughter’s love for the arts flourish. Her art class offerings are the envy of many of my friends whose children attend other schools in the area. Thanks to the work of the current Board of Education she will be able to further her interests by attending one of the many C-Tech programs offered through the high school.

    I have seen my sons come home happier than I have ever seen them thanks to the Board of Education’s work to reopen our schools to in-class learning five days a week.

    After just over a month of full time in class learning I have seen changes in both of them that were worth every sacrifice we made as a family to get them there. That they are able to attend full time in person safely and responsibly is something I will never take for granted again.

    I am proud to live in a district that not only values our children but respects us as a community. They have invested in our schools but have made sure to do so responsibly. They have been able to keep our tax increases low while making sure not to sacrifice the quality of our education. It’s the quality of our school system that makes people want to move here.

    We have a choice to make next week. We can either choose to elect people with no experience at a time when leadership and experience matters most, or we can re-elect the people who have been doing the hard work of getting our children back to school and keeping them safe over the past 14 months.

    I know who those people are and I know you do as well. I hope you will join me on May 18th in voting for Sharon Davis, Lynn Lillian and Dave Eaton.

    Lauren Vitkovsky