‘We do deserve better than one party hating another just to get elected or re-elected’

| 02 Feb 2021 | 04:26

    Paraphrasing in response to the letter to the editor from Christine Stage: In essence, she said that the events that incited the riot, which resulted in deaths of five people and destruction, should have all citizens enraged.

    Christine, are you mimicking the same issue you are condemning? Enraged? I would hope you could at the very least have chosen a more appropriate word, i.e., “I am sure every thinking person knows the difference between a violent riot and a peaceful demonstration....”

    What group are you part of? Oh right, the Democratic Party.

    Your statement of “Since that time, we have heard nothing from our local Republican leaders. They have stayed silent at the time we most need them to stand up for the basic tenants that this country was founded on” is untrue. Your statement that every local Republican has not spoken out just proves that you do not fact check your information from the right sources or any sources for that matter.

    Fact: WTBQ, the #1 community radio station, has the Orange County Executive, Steve Neuhaus on the air each weekday morning to share the issues at hand with the residents and businesses in O.C. Steve has said (he is on during the #1 Drive Time Morning Show) that this behavior was against everything this country stands for and he condemned the behavior. Christine, your words are as harmful as those inciting the riots.

    Christine writes: “The rights of the citizens to elect their leaders in a free and fair election. Sixty-two lawsuits found that this was the case, but still Republican leaders have said nothing.”

    Again, misinformation. There were Republicans both nationally and locally that stood against this behavior. By continuing to place all “Republicans” in a little box you have once again chosen words that are as harmful as the people you are admonishing.

    Why not bring people together peaceably - I believe we are all human beings first, then loving children, sisters, brothers, wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, friends ... charitable, kind, etc. Those are the words I would associate with before I would name a political party. If that is what defines you before all those other monikers, then in your words, everyone should judge your behavior and include all Democrats in their judgment.

    “We deserve leadership that stands by their citizens’ right to vote without fear that those votes be overturned by violent insurrectionists angry with the outcome of an election. That they have stayed silent this long is unacceptable. Join me in demanding change by expressing our concerns to our leaders now and in November at the ballot box. We deserve better. Christine Stage, Chair.”

    You are 100 percent right - we do deserve better than one party hating another just to get elected or re-elected. Vote your conscience, not a political party. Does being part of a political party exclude one from being decent, humane and charitable?

    My parents would say: “if Bobby jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you?”

    Sound familiar - like referring to an entire group of people as cowards. Last time I checked we all had different fingerprints and a mind of our own. Free to think on our own. I believe it’s referred to as being American.

    Taylor Sterling, station manager WTBQ/WGHT and a concerned human who belongs to one race - the human race.