Warwick Village is on the line

| 08 Sep 2020 | 07:54

    I urge villagers to get out and vote on Sept. 15th in the village board election. This election matters.

    Eliminating stipends and bonuses would defund local government and make it weak and ineffective against the power of the wealthy land developers.

    Without stipends, good people like Mary Collura, Barry Cheney and Corey Bachman would never have the opportunity to run for office and protect our interests as a community.

    Without governance by our peers, who share our common values and interests, Warwick would become like Potterville in the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

    Domination by land developers is Warwick’s most immediate threat as a village. I wake every morning grateful to God for living in a place as beautiful as Warwick. This beauty will disappear very quickly if we are not vigilant and wakeful about who we select to represent our interests on our Village board.

    Vote like your home depends on it – because it does.

    Please consider voting for Barry Cheney, Corey Bachman or Mary Collura for Warwick village board. These are all trustworthy people who would represent village residents as a whole – not their private interests.

    James Morley

    Resident of Warwick Village