Warwick's 'history of strong local leadership ... will be enhanced with Mary Collura’s election to the Village Board'

Town /
| 07 Jan 2020 | 02:15

    I was very pleased and excited to learn that Mary Collura will be a candidate for the Warwick Village Board.

    I am one of the scores of residents of both the Village and the Town with whom Mary has worked so well over the past four years.

    She has everything one could ask for in a board member: She’s a smart, insightful, creative, out-of-the-box thinker who has the vision to help guide the village in the future.

    Equally important, her work with the extremely successful Sesquicentennial shows that she knows how to listen to and work with people — from Village Hall to Main Street to community organizations, from Seniors to students, from Old Warwick to newcomers — to solve problems and get things done.

    The Village of Warwick is very fortunate. We have a history of strong local leadership and that tradition will be significantly enhanced with Mary Collura’s election to the Village Board on March 18.

    Geoff Howard