Warwick mental health forum planned

| 01 Nov 2022 | 12:51

Fellow People of Warwick: It is time for a serious mental health check-up!

While many feel mental health among Americans had been in a state of crisis before the pandemic, the onset of COVID-19 significantly exacerbated the problem. The effects of the ensuing stress have affected everyone in some way, from teachers and students to veterans and first responders. While there have been some efforts on a federal level to address this growing problem, there is still much action that can be taken on a local level here in the town of Warwick.

Recognizing that community engagement and awareness would provide a huge step forward in tackling this problem, We the People Warwick’s (WTPW) Mental Health Resilience Team has been working hard to organize a “You Are Not Alone,” Mental Health Forum this November 10th (6:30-9pm) at the Mountain Lake Park in Warwick (formerly Kutz Camp). This free township-wide forum is made up of panelists, representing key groups (youth, first responders, vets, etc.) of our community, who will share information and perspectives on the pandemic’s impact, the current state of mental health, and possible community generated solutions for healing, including a focus on helping young people.

We welcome you to join us on November 10th to learn how we might begin to talk about mental health in order to break down the common misperceptions and stigmas associated with mental illness. We will also identify existing local resources and experts available to our community, as we contemplate paths forward toward healing. Our goal, with the help of locally available experts, resources, and each other, is to build a more informed and resilient community - together.

WTPW firmly believes that community is the solution in nearly all matters, but this issue especially, and the time to act is certainly now. Join us to see how we can work together to create a new story.

Go to: wethepeoplewarwick.org to see the full list of “You Are Not Alone” panelists and WTPW’s other upcoming events: Personal Storytelling Workshop (11/5) and A Day in the Life (11/29) both at the Albert Wisner Library. Also check out our Youth Engagement Questionnaire for tweens, teens, and adults and our Teen Art, Poetry & Essay Exhibition, Share Your Pandemic Story writing opportunity, and twice yearly Dialogue Series.


Elizabeth Mehling and Beverly Braxton, on behalf of We the People Warwick