Warwick Humane Society asks for your help

| 25 Apr 2021 | 04:06

Warwick Valley Humane Society provides various services to the community including our contractual obligations to the town to pick up stray and loose dogs for public and animal safety, shelter them until redeemed by their owners or care for them until adopted; intake unwanted, orphaned and abused pets of all species; rescue injured and ill wildlife for transport to NYS licensed Wildlife rehabilitators; care for our homeless animals 365 days a year, provide 24/7 animal emergency response and assist law enforcement in the execution of their duties when needed.

We are also a resource for information about spaying and neutering; animal nuisance and behavior issues and other animal related concerns.

Our community will soon receive our May mail solicitation and we hope that every resident will make a donation of their choice in support of our efforts on behalf of our homeless pets and for the services we provide.

Due to the current situation, fund raising is at all-time low, so we must rely on the generosity of pet parents, animal lovers and all who appreciate and champion our mission.

With sincere gratitude for each and every donation, for the animals,

Suzyn Barron, President

Warwick Valley Humane Society