Warwick dog park vision

| 11 Aug 2022 | 04:37

To the editor:

Recently I contacted Village Hall to express the need and benefit to have a dog park in one of our Village parks. Presently, we drive to Thomas Bull Memorial Park in Montgomery as we find the grass as well as the large and small dog runs to be ideal. It would be great to have the same in the Village as it would be walkable, it would support local businesses (as you have to buy a coffee en route!) and it would be a great place to meet and socialize with other dog owners from Warwick. The Trustee overseeing our park initiatives, Carly Foster, advised that they are looking for feedback to help develop the Memorial Park masterplan:

https://villageofwarwick.org/memorial-park-master-plan/) so I would encourage the residents of Warwick to go to the link and provide comments.

It would be great to build support for a dog park in the Village as well as get other ideas on how to optimize the use of our parks.

Christopher Smith