Voting for Michael Newhard

| 07 Mar 2022 | 10:30

    To the editor:

    Mayor Newhard has Warwick in his heart.I will never forget when I moved to Warwick from New York City back in the early 1980s and stumbled into a quaint little home goods store called Newhards... a very different place than the Newhards of today! The friendly owner welcomed me and struck up a conversation. When I told him my husband and I had just moved to Warwick because we wanted to raise our twin daughters in this beautiful town his smile belied a certain shared sentiment! He told me he had grown up in Warwick and his family went way back.

    He had also cut his teeth as an artist in the Big Apple but something kept calling him back home. I must have hinted that I was feeling a little unsure about moving to a rural community after living in such a diverse metropolis. But he assured me that Warwick was a welcoming place and prided itself on its diversity.

    Well, fast forward 35 years and that statement could not have been truer. Newhards – The Home Source is now a destination and the jewel of Main Street. That store owner I met so long ago has successfully guided our enchanted village through good times and bad over the last 20 years as our mayor. We did raise our family here and now we go way back! This is our home. Mayor Michael Newhard has Warwick in his heart... he always has. Please vote on March 14th for Mayor Newhard.

    Patty and Doug Cook