Vote for proven leadership

| 08 May 2021 | 08:34

    As a lifelong resident of Warwick, a 1978 graduate of WVHS and member of the business community since 1980, I’ve come to appreciate how important our school system and our school board is to not only the strong and thoughtful development of our young future leaders, but to our entire community.

    The list of accomplishments of our school district are long indeed: consistently fiscally responsible (an average annual tax increase of only 1.65 percent since 2014-15; 0 percent for the current budget), leading environmental stewardship, consistent academic excellence and partnering with the community in so many ways.

    There are three very experienced and dedicated leaders of our School Board: Sharon Davis, David Eaton and Lynn Lillian, all of whom I know to be incredibly engaged and concerned about our schools; all of whom have provided exceptional, proven leadership and solid results for many years.

    I urge everyone to come out to vote on May 18th and join my wife, Rachel, and I in supporting these three highly dedicated individuals to continue their excellent work on our School Board.

    Garrett and Rachel Durland