Vote for experience and a proven record

| 09 May 2023 | 09:41

    To the Editor:

    Dory Masefield, Robert Howe, and John Garcia, current members if the Warwick Valley Central School District Board of Education, have been dedicated to providing the best education possible for all students by working for what Warwick is known for — student achievement of core educational goals in reading, math, science and technical skills, and critical thinking, as well as experience in the arts and a range of athletic teams.

    If challengers in an election aren’t happy with what’s being done, they should state what changes they want, and why. I cannot find specific information on Angel Maysonet’s and Adrienne Tveter’s agenda. Their website mentions “parent driven values and morals.” Exactly which parents, and what values and morals? The goals for characteristics of a graduate developed by the district look good to me: “collaborator, communicator, creator/innovator, ethical and global citizen, resilient individual, problem solver, and life-long learner.” The challengers call for “grassroots education, academic rigor, and critical thinking.” It seems to me this is exactly what the current board supports.

    Perhaps these new candidates mean something entirely different, and if so, what is it? Odd that candidates advocating transparency have not been transparent about their goals.

    On May 16, please vote for experience and a proven record: incumbents Dory Masefield, Robert Howe, and John Garcia.

    Mary Makofske