Vote Bachman-McMillan-Stage

| 29 Oct 2019 | 02:42

    Government works best when it leverages a broad array of the talents, ages, and skills of its citizens to make policy that reflects the best ideas of as many stakeholders as possible. This fall, Warwick voters have a rare opportunity to advance their own Town government in this important direction.

    Like all of Orange County, Warwick is facing unprecedented pressures from commercial development and our elected leaders must assess the many transformational consequences of such expansion.

    Best solutions will arise only if the concerns of all of Warwick’s constituencies are heard and considered fairly. These concerns include responsibly preserving our historic farms and rural character while supporting our local businesses; protection and stewardship of our air, water and soil resources for present and future generations; upgrading infrastructure, including expanding local transportation and affordable housing options, especially for our young families and our seniors; attracting and retaining a new generation of skilled, professionals with high quality career opportunities; supporting excellent public schools and youth programs; skillfully and ethically managing our tax revenue in a way that minimizes our burden and maximizes our investments, assuring justice and fairness to all Warwick’s citizens.

    It’s in our best interests to insist that our Town Council reflects a balance of the communities it represents, thereby assuring its independence from special interests, and eliminating the narrow-mindedness and cronyism common to entrenched, single-party rule.

    For the first time in decades, voters can elect new candidates of different generations and needed professional skill sets to join our Town Council, breaking the Council’s decades-long single party, single generation hold on authority. It’s time to swing wide the doors of our Town Council and make this governing body more effective and representative of today’s Warwick Town constituencies and their issues - from farming families, small business owners, commuting professionals, artists, artisans, and newcomers, to the multigenerational descendents of our founding families alike.

    Our challenges require the best and brightest leadership that we can elect. This fall, please cast your votes, on Row A, for committed, skilled, visionary leaders for Warwick - Corey Bachman and Patricia McMillan, for Town Council, and Chris Stage for Town Court.

    Joan Tirrell