Village trustee’s park and rec news

| 03 May 2022 | 08:19

    Dear editor:

    As the Village of Warwick’s Parks and Rec liaison, and recognizing that this publication goes to every village household, I’d like to share some updates from the Village for Parks and Recreation:

    Budget for the year: This year’s budget includes some important parks and rec line items:

    Expansion of security camera systems in our parks

    Lighting in Stanley Deming Park

    Memorial Park Master plan

    Extension of perimeter walking path in Stanley Deming Park

    Continued expansion of the arboretum in Stanley Deming Park

    Other park improvements

    Memorial Park Master Plan: We are excited to announce a listening session to kick off the park’s master planning process. Join us Sunday May 22 in Memorial Park from 10 - 12. Meet at 10 am under the pavilion to start a guided tour of the park at 10:15am. Return to the pavilion at 10:45 for a discussion of the history of the park, who uses the park today, and who will use it into the future. Share your thoughts verbally and in writing on your vision for the future of the park. We will then use the feedback to form a committee and guide park plan development.

    Other listening sessions will be forthcoming.

    To share your feedback on this and other topics, please feel free to drop a note in the suggestion box at village hall or in this virtual suggestion box (

    Carly A Foster

    Village of Warwick Trustee