Village of Warwick 2020 Annual Water Quality Report is now available

| 01 Jun 2021 | 05:27

Dear Village of Warwick residents,

The Village of Warwick is blessed with significant and valuable water resources. As part of our water supply system the village maintains three reservoirs and three wells.

The reservoirs are fed by natural run-off, mountain streams and springs.

The wells tap into a large aquifer which stretches from Memorial Park to points beyond the eastern boundary of the village.

Each of the resources are connected to a purification plant, the reservoirs to the main water plant and wells one and two to a microfiltration system.

The village is beginning the rehabilitation of well number three which will include a new purification system.

The distribution system encompasses the entire willage and includes six storage tanks, six pump stations and 45 miles of water mains which includes fire hydrants.

The 2020 Annual Water Quality Report is now available on the village’s website or by going directly to

A copy of the report may also be requested by contacting the Village of Warwick Water Billing Department at (845) 986-2031.

The report will give you direct information about your water. It is a thorough accounting of levels of found contaminates and purification methods.

Please take a moment to review this report. It has vital information about one of our most precious resources.

The Village of Warwick is dedicated to the continued upgrades and repairs of its water system. The purity of our water and the safe management of our water systems has and remains our priority.

Thank you,

Michael J. Newhard