Truth sets “colored” autobiographer free

| 21 Feb 2022 | 09:12

    To the editor:

    Apropos of Black History Month, and I suppose of America “in totum,” my autobiography, “Diary of An N-Word,” that provides a slice of mostly ignored American history, depicts the experiences of a “colored” boy’s family, and his worldview development, which now, upon reflection, seems to the man to be 21st Century indentured servitude. A fitting description might be “a tale of two cities,” since much of my focus is on circumstances that occurred in and around Mahwah, New Jersey and Warwick, New York.

    While the book is sold on and, it is also made available in the Mahwah Museum and the Mahwah Library. I have made many adjustments to the turmoil in my life along the way, and believe I have reached a spiritual and psychological pinnacle that puts me at peace after eight decades of trying to figure life out. The book begins with the words “The Truth will set me...”, and ends with “ at last!”

    L. Guy Burton