Trick, treat and thanks

| 09 Nov 2017 | 06:46

    We are writing this note to praise the young people in our community.
    On Halloween we had about 50-60 trick or treaters ranging from toddlers to teenagers.
    Without exception, everyone of these young people were polite and considerate. There were no greedy grabs for handfuls of candy and each young person said thank you upon receiving their candy.
    In our present environment, where acrimonious nastiness seems to have become our national demeanor, our experiences with these young people was uplifting and refreshing.
    Much credit must go to the teachers, clergy and, of course, the parents.
    However the greatest praise goes to the girls and boys themselves. They are setting a good example for their life’s journey and future generations. Kudos to all.
    Mary and John Cox
    Greenwood Lake