To the Editor, The Warwick Advertiser

| 19 Jul 2017 | 12:15

    We deplore the personal insults directed at Professor Richard Hull in the recent letter to the editor regarding Professor Hull’s lecture on “Utopians and Utopias in Warwick’s Past.”
    We further deplore the additional attacks on Professor Hull’s integrity which appeared on the Advertiser’s website in interchanges between the letter writer and Dr. Gerald Freisinger, who stepped up to defend Professor Hull.
    A Professor of History Emeritus at New York University, Dr. Hull is the official Warwick Town Historian and one of Warwick’s most respected citizens. He is the author of numerous books including “People of the Valleys” and “People of the Valleys Revisited,” the two definitive histories of the Warwick area.
    He is past Trustee of the Warwick Historical Society and a member of the Advisory Board of Orange County Land Trust.
    He has served as Vice-Chairman of the Lower Hudson Chapter of the Nature Conservancy and has been named Citizen of the Year by the Warwick Rotarians.
    He is a four-time winner of the NYU Teaching Excellence Award and a recipient of the Orange County Revered Citizen Award.
    Professor Hull is host and narrator of the History Alive radio show on WTBQ, has lectured widely in our area and the world beyond, and is known for his balanced, objective, thoughtful, and engaging presentations.
    For 50 years Professor Richard Hull has generously offered our community his insights into its past history and future possibilities. We are grateful for Dr. Hull’s many contributions to Warwick.
    Robert Agnello, Will Brown, Peggy Cosimano, Leonard M. DeBuck, Roger Dowd, Colleen Emery, Barbara J. Felton, Mena Genetti, Gretchen Gibbs, Carole Howard, Geoffrey Howard, Valerie Lucznikowska, John Ruszkiewicz, Jonathan Talbot, Marsha Talbot, Janet Zimmerman and Jerry Zimmerman