‘This school board election is so important’

| 11 May 2021 | 06:44

    As a parent in the Warwick Valley School District and having served on the PTA, along with other volunteer work during the past, I write to encourage everyone to get involved, get informed and vote in the school board election on May 18.

    I proudly support Sharon Davis, Lynn Lilian, and Dave Eaton as they represent the values, character, equity and service I want for our schools. They are committed to the work of making sure all of our students have the opportunity to reach their potential and to feel a sense of belonging in school.

    They have a proven track record of low tax increases.

    They have helped lead during a time where our schools have been nationally recognized as blue & green ribbon schools.

    They are committed to the environment by supporting green initiatives, like solar installations.

    And most importantly, during the COVID-19 pandemic they helped lead Warwick through an incredibly challenging time, with as much in-person and hybrid instruction as possible, while other districts went and stayed fully remote.

    It’s important to vote for the values you believe in. I want to live in a community where our schools prioritize every voice and make all students a valuable part of our schools. I want to be part of a school community where service, a proven track record, and character count.

    Under Sharon, Lynn and Dave’s school board leadership the Warwick schools community has been that.

    Clare Harrison