'They responded so fast you could almost hear the bugles and stomping horses'

| 15 Jun 2017 | 07:13

    Recently my husband and I brought my 99-year-old mother home from the hospital with a broken leg and a large blue cast.
    She was not allowed to put her foot down : )
    Two paramedics from Middletown brought her and her wheelchair and her cast four stairs into the house and then up 16 more, very steep stairs to the bedroom.
    Bad move!
    Once up there, no service wanted to come bring her back down for her appointments.
    She had to be relocated back down, bed and all.
    John went to the Warwick EMT volunteers for help. They responded so fast you could almost hear bugles and stomping horses. Up the 16 stairs they went, and down they came with Mom in a special wheelchair just made for stairs.
    When the bed was reassembled, they came back to transfer her into it.
    You can't imagine how relieved we were.
    My husband and I thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. Huge special thanks to Frank Cassanite, Chris Kane, John Predmore, Evan Timony and Officer Amy McGrady.
    You are the people who make Warwick such a great place to live!
    Carol and John Porvaznik