‘There should be no argument’

| 06 Jul 2020 | 12:31

    The recent article about wearing masks set forth in stark detail the dichotomy that exits in our society over following science or following the example of President Trump who eschews science and believes that magical thinking will make the virus disappear.

    There should be no argument that until we can get a handle medically on this virus all people should wear masks in public not only for their protection but most importantly the protection of others.

    The person you interviewed in the article who decried being seen as selfish and self-centered for not wearing a mask should wake up and realize that she is being selfish.

    No one has the right to potentially put others at risk to catch a virus that has a fair possibility of causing death.

    Wearing a mask is a minor inconvenience in the scheme of savings lives. Smoking is not allowed in restaurants and other public places due to second-hand smoke which is certainly a much more unlikely cause of your death.

    I guess the greater good of all is not a concern to the science-deniers and the others who feel their rights are violated by the minor matter of wearing a mask. What nonsense their argument is.

    I believe that most of the no-mask wearers are Trump supporters as evidenced by the rallies he has recently had where mask wearing was not happening. We have a President who has been an abject failure in coming up with a cohesive plan to battle this virus.

    Also, he is a President who retweets “white power” behavior as a badge of honor.

    I saw news coverage of the Black Lives Matter protest in Milford, Pa., which pictures your paper showed and the counter protest was rife with Trump signs. How anyone supports this man is a mystery.

    Please wear masks in public and please vote in November to rid our nation of what I believe is most dangerous to it: Another four years of Donald Trump.

    Very truly yours,

    John R. Miller

    West Milford