‘Their blood isn’t white or black but red’

| 20 Jul 2020 | 08:19

    Since everyone is afraid of not being politically correct, I would like to express my problem with BLM, the organization, from a police officer’s viewpoint.

    First, it calls for one race to be treated differently than another, rather than treating everyone by the character of the person and not the color of their skin. This is the very definition of racism and will cause more hatred on all sides.

    Second, BLM started and has repeatedly called for violence against police officers (“what do we want, dead cops; when do we want it, now;” “pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon,” etc.). They clearly have no concern for all the black lives being lost to increased violence, as most of the drastic increases of shootings occurring in the city have black victims.

    Third, if you disagree with their messaging or criticize them, you are insulted and called a racist. For those Caucasians talking about being embarrassed by their “white privilege,” if you believe this dogma, perhaps you have or are currently racist and repeating slogans or writings from a book is not going to alter that.

    If you are acting differently towards anyone, due to the amount of melanin in their skin, you are racist.

    Try treating people as people, judging them by their behavior, character and individual actions.

    I spent over twenty-five years working in Bed-Sty, East New York and the south Bronx; with EMS and as a police officer, then a boss. I did a lot of gun and drug arrests while maintaining an excellent record and good rapport with the people I served.

    I remember the days when people had to put their kids to bed in their bathtubs, as it was the only area stray bullets would not penetrate.

    I remember the days when rivers of blood from innocent victims were commonplace on every block and the sheer volume of victims prevents me from remembering faces.

    All the time, the community members, asked for more police and more proactive police, as they didn’t want their children and grandchildren to be the next victim.

    The U.S. has roughly 800,000 law enforcement officers, each of which has thousands of encounters a year. In today’s video world, almost every encounter is caught on video and, contrary to the BLM narrative, it is extremely rare that an officer is abusive.

    BLM has vilified the entire law enforcement community, being successful in passing laws that prevent the police from preventing crime and they ignore the consequences, while the innocent victims are increasing at a horrific rate.

    I do not care what your politics are or your political agenda; if our “community” continues vilifying law enforcement as BLM desires, the innocent victims will pay the price.

    Someone might notice, the child that was just shot, their blood isn’t white or black but red.

    BLM’s hate speech is causing a new river of it so ask the next victims crying mother, does life really matter? Then ask yourself, do I want this red river on my block.


    Daniel Forst