The Village of Warwick 'is at a turning point'

| 26 Oct 2017 | 01:27

    The Village of Warwick Planning Board Meeting last Thursday night was an extraordinary display of public commitment and clear public comment.
    Our neighborhood has rejected the injection of a disruptive inappropriate property use in the heart of our quiet community.
    We had brilliant scientific, legal, environmental, traffic and consulting representation.
    Neither the planning board nor the village board can deny the will of the people they represent when such clear and concise evidence of the systems flaws is made public with such passion.
    Please take the time to view the meeting on the Village of Warwick website
    This village is at a turning point.
    Parking fees and solar power to hold down our taxes is an appropriate and acceptable use of the lot in question. The merchants will be prime beneficiaries the neighborhood will be safe.
    Its time for our neighborhood to be respected and for merchants to get behind us.
    After that meeting you can’t continue to ignore us.
    We spoke as a bloc, we shop as a bloc, we vote as a bloc.
    Patrick Gallagher