‘The need for responsible stewardship’

| 28 Aug 2023 | 12:05

    To the citizens of Warwick,

    We can all agree that we live in a truly special area. The fact that so many continue to move here speaks to that.

    Measures were put in place to ensure that development has been maintained while also preserving our open spaces. Various acquisitions over the years - Cascade Lake, Wickham Lake, Greenwood Lake Beach - all speak to that.

    With growth though, comes a need for responsible stewardship. In order to maintain and sustain these town taxpayer-funded resources, controls have been put in place to ensure a long lasting enjoyment of said places.

    I believe that this should be expanded to all town parks. These beautiful spaces need to be controlled or else they will be over utilized and enjoyable to none.

    The town beach and former Kutz camp have a town resident only policy and this should be expanded to include all other parks such as Stanley Deming and Veterans parks.

    There is a county park in our town which offers for county residents outside our town the opportunity to come and enjoy.

    The citizens of this town fund these resources and should have primary access before non-residents.

    If non-residents want to use them, they should pay - like we already do.

    Jim Mehling