The bonds between music and community

| 24 Aug 2017 | 01:24

    I've always felt that music was the ideal by example to enhance our natural instinct to bond for a common goal.
    The collective exists by the unlimited individual talents who share a common result, the music. The final product is only realized by this unsaid but understood common ground. It allows for the growth of the individual inside the care of the ensemble. It succeeds or misses it's mark based on this formula.
    Neither language, culture or boundary hinder it. The music serves as the universal bridge.
    This year's Hudson Valley Jazz Festival was the result of our region's great talent, a collaboration of sponsors, venues and a mix of Sinatra to Gypsy Jazz to be-bop, Latin, swing, funk, modern and improv and then some.
    Many thanks to the collective of our friends and neighbors that came out to support these shows.
    On behalf of the musicians and all those who made it possible, we thank you.
    Steve Rubin