Sussex County’s needlessly chaotic vaccine scramble afflicts the seniors who need it most

| 12 Mar 2021 | 03:02

To the Editor:

In response to the article in the March 4-10 edition on Sussex County’s “new” appointment system, I am expressing my frustration with the system. My wife and I are senior citizens, residents of Vernon Township, and experiencing many setbacks and anxieties of acquiring the Covid vaccine.

As outlined in the article, we have filed with several sites for an appointment. According to the article, if I understand it correctly, these sites are not used for appointments but are rather a vehicle to alert persons or appointment possibilities as there are limited supplies available. To apply one must text or log onto a computer when alerted.

I find this problematic, as it avails itself to a limited group of persons, those who are adept with communication devices or technological advances and are quick to respond. Seniors less savvy or who have no phone capabilities, such as my flip phone, are left in the dust or in the wake of our competitors. As the scramble for limited spots continues, we are left with the grapevine for advice, a very dismal and somber approach to a vaccine that experts refer to as a health necessity.

Please advise us, we are lost: how do we get vaccinated? I do not understand why the site where our information willingly is give can’t be used as a master list. Wouldn’t such a list eliminate the need for alerts and the incoming bombardment of calls?

At such a site, couldn’t appointments be made for all who logged in? Using the information provided, couldn’t the persons be contacted and the how and when and where questions answered? Could the chaos be eliminated of the many calls trying to access the facility with limited supplies that cannot accommodate everyone who applies?

The present climate is one of first come, first served. There are no rules, as alerts distort the playing field. They come at any time during the day. Sounds like screwy louie is in charge of a maze where mice are turned loose chasing a piece of cheese.

A common fear is when lowering the age limit, we who have been trying to get a vaccine shot may be lost and not have an opportunity as a new wave of competitors enters the arena. We need help.

Rowland Sheridan

Highland Lakes