Supporting Parsons, Mahoney and Maslanka for BOE

| 08 May 2022 | 09:29

    Letter to the Editor

    I am writing in support of Parsons, Mahoney and Maslanka for the Warwick Board of Education. Keith Parsons has served on the BOE for the past nine years. He has a record of transparency, collaboration, communication and fiscal responsibility. He has earned his seat on the board and I look forward to him continuing to serve our community in this capacity. He has three children currently in the WCVSD.

    Daniel Mahoney is an active community member who has three children currently in the Warwick schools. As a former FDNY Firefighter he is a team player, is level-headed and isn’t afraid to navigate through difficult issues. With some of the legislation currently in the NYS Assembly, difficult issues may very well be in our future. I trust Dan to help navigate through them with the moral compass that the families in this district need.

    Tom Maslanka is well known in our community as he served on the Warwick Police Department for over 32 years. He assisted in instituting the School Resource Officer Program in our district which has Police Officers posted at our schools. This allows Police Officers to foster healthy relationships with students, which is so necessary in our current times. Tom also played a role in the department’s budgeting which will prove to be essential when dealing with our district’s large budget. Tom has proven to be dedicated to fiscal responsibility and safety which is what we require moving forward.More info:


    Erin Baudille