Support for Eileen Patterson

| 27 Feb 2022 | 09:06

    To the editor:

    With Eileen Patterson, what you see is what you get. Authenticity is a good attribute for a leader to have. Although she and I don’t agree on every issue, I’ve come to know Eileen as someone who keeps an open mind and is ethical, objective, and a person of integrity. She is a deep thinker and possesses a genuine love for our village and community. What I value most about Eileen is that she looks you in the eye when she speaks with you and tells you the truth, even when it’s tough to say or hear.

    In my time as an elected trustee, I’ve seen a huge disconnect between the Village Board and residents. Unfortunately, that sentiment has also been expressed all too often by members of the community. The Board cannot address issues if they do not proactively engage with constituents. We should constantly evaluate ways to solicit feedback so residents feel seen, heard, and, most importantly, respected. I trust Eileen Patterson will take a more collaborative approach as mayor to bridge the gap between the Board and those we have the honor to serve.

    I’m voting Eileen for Mayor on Tuesday, March 15. The polling location is at the Goodwill Hook & Ladder Company at 25 Church Street Ext. The polls are open from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m.

    Trustee Corey Bachman

    Village of Warwick