Support Dave Eaton

| 07 May 2021 | 12:17

    I write to enthusiastically support Dave Eaton for re-election to the Warwick Valley School Board on May 18th.

    As your official town historian I’ve carefully studied the decades-long history of education our community and its leadership and accomplishments.

    Dave Eaton, serving as its Board president for five years and as a member even longer is one of the very best in every respect.

    He is an an individual of high integrity, visionary perspectives and broad experience in education.

    Having lived in Warwick for more than three decades and assuming many different community roles, including as a past president of the Rotary Club, he knows Warwick very well.

    Moreover, Dave and his wife, Robyn, have travelled globally over the years gaining an impressive understanding of different cultures including their educational dynamics.

    Dave Eaton possesses an open, inquiring mind with the ability to work synergistically and collaboratively in group settings. He has won my trust and high respect for his outstanding school board leadership.

    At a times pf polarization and extremism across our nation we need to keep leaders who are unifiers and who exemplify responsible, accountable, transparent and moral citizenship

    Richard W. Hull