Stop the NY exodus

| 17 Oct 2022 | 09:54

    So many friends and family are moving out of our state because of affordability and safety concerns. Our population loss is a fact because the census cut one whole congressional district from the state. In order to stop New York from continuing to be an exodus state we must vote for candidates who have a plan to keep New Yorkers in New York. That is why this November I am voting for Lee Zeldin for NYS governor, Colin Schmitt for US House of Representatives - 18th Congressional District, Dorey Houle - NYS Senate 42nd District, and Kathryn Luciani - NYS Assembly 99TH District. This is the “Family First” slate. All of their campaigns are cornerstones for tackling inflation, supporting law enforcement (not to mention nearly all of them have a loved one in law enforcement), making sure our communities are safe, having the fentanyl crisis acknowledged as a major issue, and working to stop the flow of it into our country. This single party control by the Democrats has brought New York to an untenable point where many have already left the state and will not return, it’s heartbreaking. I love New York and I’m looking forward to a brighter future with Zeldin, Schmitt, Houle & Luciani delivering for New York.

    Kathleen Mackey

    New Windsor