'Stop the insanity'

| 12 Aug 2019 | 03:40

    Again, again and again. Stop it already. All this useless talk about violent videos, mental illness, background checks.

    If we had not AK15s so readily available we would not have those mass murderers.

    The right to have guns? Sure, but automatic or semi-automatic military weapons? Go and join the Marines.

    The insanity will not stop until the killer guns are banned. Stop the insanity.

    And why, why does TV plaster the killers' mug shots every time they do the reporting? It is not called for and is very poor taste.

    And the commander, no, the instigator in chief is worried about crowd size.

    Thoughts and prayers do not stop bullets.

    Administrations can. Yes, they can.

    Hannelore Vogler