Statement of Orange County Sheriff Carl E. DuBois on the death of George Floyd

| 01 Jun 2020 | 12:50

    The senseless death of George Floyd in Minneapolis last week has sent shock aves throughout our communities. Needless to say, the video of the Minneapolis Police officer kneeling on the neck of George Floyd was very alarming and disturbing.

    We swear to an oath to uphold the Constitution and obey the laws of our state and we defend that oath.

    The Orange County Sheriff’s Office is committed to preserving the peace and maintaining order in the communities we serve by practicing bias-free policing and respecting the rights and dignity of all citizens.

    As your Sheriff I am committed to providing ongoing in-service training for our personnel in arrest and detainment that does not compromise the safety of our personnel or those we come into contact with, no matter the circumstances.

    The Orange County Sheriff’s Office employs over 400 deputy sheriffs and correction officers and is the most diverse county agency when it comes to ethnicity, gender, or culture. Our record speaks for itself when it comes to hiring, promotions and various agency details.

    We understand the right to peacefully protest and we also understand the passion of those who wish to convey their message. However, we do not condone violence in any form, but encourage the right to compliant, peaceful protest.

    Orange County Sheriff Carl E. DuBois