'Spiritual decay and moral rot' - not guns - 'are the issues'

Monroe /
| 09 Aug 2019 | 01:23

    Mass murder, then gun control.


    It's frustrating that some see the gun as the problem, when spiritual decay and moral rot are the issues.

    Promotion of a disrespect for life, celebrating various forms of immorality, and hostility to all authority are trumpeted by the Left and the media.

    Weak-minded, isolative people find nihilism as a way to bring attention to themselves, and the media exacerbates the problem by pretending to be above the fray, on the high moral ground.

    They publish manifestos, photos, and names of the the criminals.

    Virtue is gone, God is out, and nihilism and destruction are the new reality.

    Let us fall to our knees and find God. The current rise in agnosticism, atheism and satanism is killing us.

    Kevin Donoghue