Something rotten in Warwick

| 17 May 2022 | 05:52

    To the editor:

    I just had the most disgusting altercation on Main Street. I grew up in Warwick, left after high school, and recently moved back to care for my grandmother. I’ve seen changes to the town over the years and most of them seem to be beneficial. The same cannot be said, unfortunately, for the influx of rude, selfish, and horrible people who now live here.

    This town was never perfect, but it was also never outwardly this horrendous. As I left Cafe e Dolci, there was a car parked in the crosswalk on McEwan Street. The woman inside of the car was texting. I saw an elderly man behind me who was also going to be crossing the street, so I tapped—tapped, lightly, with two fingers—on the car’s trunk. I’ve done this in other countries and cities I’ve lived in for over 30 years; it’s a universal “you’re in the way” message. It’s been done to me. No problem.

    As I passed in front of Akins, the woman inside rolled down her window and started shouting rage-filled expletives at me top volume. I continued to my car; she got out of her vehicle, marched towards me in a fury, then proceeded to pound on the hood of my car. Pound, heavily, scratching my car with her rings.

    In all the time she took for this display, she could have moved her car forward a few feet at least five times over. I drove away. She’s inconsequential to my life and my day, but this is not the first time I have witnessed absolutely disgusting, selfish behavior in Warwick, and it continues to negatively affect my view of this town. I’ve seen drivers refusing to stop at crosswalks and nearly running over children. Parents in screaming fights with other families at Stanley Demming Park. People rudely pushing past each other and slamming carts into people at Shoprite.What happened to Warwick?

    Danielle Henderson