Something good in Warwick

| 27 Jun 2022 | 04:29

    Sprawled on the pavement, stunned and bleeding, I was asked “What’s today’s date?” I responded quickly: “June 20th – my wife and my anniversary, forty-two years.” I wasn’t as quick with the next question “Who is the president?”

    I had been riding my bike down West Street to pick up a food order and took a hard spill at the bottom of the hill. Folks in the area came to my assistance. Police, EMTs and the Fire Department quickly followed. An ambulance brought me to St. Anthony’s. My bike was returned to our home where my wife was informed of the incident and brought to the hospital to be with me. Someone at the scene went to the restaurant where I had a sandwich waiting, paid and picked it up.

    The doctor and nurses in the ER were terrific. No concussion or broken bones, my ribs were bruised, and a few stitches were needed. I was very fortunate. The security guard kindly offered to drive us home.

    Prior to this incident, I had been pondering writing a response to a Letter to the Editor: Something’s Rotten in Warwick. Not aiming to challenge the author’s feelings, I simply share this, encouraging others to stay open to encountering benevolence in Warwick.

    We have lived here over two years and continue to learn it is a wonderful place. I walk through town and find most motorists to be respectful and safe. Many of the people we have met, especially neighbors, are welcoming, intriguing and caring. That night as I laid in bed, sore and famished, I reached for the sandwich that had been anonymously picked up, took a bite, grateful to rest my head on a pillow . . . in Warwick.

    John Wells