Smoke and mirrors platform

| 24 Oct 2022 | 02:11

Why would you vote for a Republican?

Republicans have become a party of smoke and mirrors, focusing on cultural issues to obscure their true goals. Now that abortion can be banned in some states, they want a national ban. Some are advocating a ban on contraception. They want to abolish same sex marriage. But their goals are wider than policing our private lives.

They want to cut back or abolish Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. They want to eliminate “regulations” which they say hamper the economy. What are “regulations”? Laws protecting our water, the air we breathe, the food we eat. Laws protecting consumers from fraud and dangerous products. Laws protecting workers from exploitation.

Cutting services to citizens and squashing public protections have always been Republican goals, but even more alarming now is their demonization of those who do not agree. Such demonization leads straight to oppression, or worse. Restrictions on voting, gerrymandering, suppressing public protest are warning lights signaling what may come.

Worst of all is the Big Lie about a “stolen election.” Anyone willing to lie about an election so thoroughly validated is not worthy of public office.

Think about the consequences. Do not vote Republican.

Mary Makofske