Simple choice

| 30 May 2022 | 09:53

    To the editor:

    Last week an article in this paper addressed the shamefully horrendous policy of gun proliferation, supported principally by Republican politicians, over the lives of children and adults in our society.

    Basically the gist of that article is that it is too late to effect change other than to make the schools of our nation armed fortresses to protect children. Although, as the author noted, that too does nothing to address the mass slaughter that has occurred at churches, synagogues, concerts, food stores movie theaters etc.

    The bottom line is the author believes there is no simple answer.

    I disagree. The answer is right in front of us. Ban the sale of all assault weapons and criminalize the mere possession of them. They are weapons of war. They’re designed to effectively and efficiently kill large numbers of people. Why in the world would any nation legitimize their possession and sale to the general public.

    Yes, gun manufacturers would never would eat intro their profits. Mostly Republican politicians who lack any moral conviction and place their careers above the lives of innocent children and adults would never agree. Surely they are the minority. Let’s vote them out. If they can’t serve the public interest, they have no business in government at any level.

    The government should mandate a redemption of weapons of war- assault weapons and even compensate owners who voluntarily turn them in.

    This is a long term solution, but it is simple and will ultimately save lives.

    Let’s get it done, - before it’s your child, husband, wife, father, mother, grandparent , brother or sister who can only be identified by DNA after a mass slaughter with these weapons.

    Joe DiGregorio

    Warwick, New York