Republicans on Cuomo: ‘Time is up’

| 03 Aug 2021 | 02:52

New York State Republican office holders issued the following statements after the release of Attorney General Letitia James’ report on the sexual harassment charges leveled against Gov. Andrew Cuomo:

NYGOP Chairman Nick Langworthy

“While the findings of the Attorney General’s report are deeply disturbing and confirm Governor Cuomo violated state and federal laws, they should not come as a surprise to anyone. For months, we have heard the testimonies of multiple women who bravely detailed the horrific abuse and assaults perpetrated on them by this Governor and covered up by his administration.

“Sadly, this pattern of sexual harassment and abuse is only one chapter in the Cuomo book of corruption, law-breaking and sociopathic behavior. Countless lives have been destroyed by his actions throughout his tenure, but now is the moment where he must finally be held accountable.

“I called for Governor Cuomo’s impeachment on Feb. 11th, and I renew that call today. If he does not immediately resign, Speaker Carl Heastie must call for a special session to bring articles of impeachment to the floor for an up or down vote. Democrats in Albany have been protecting him for too long - time is up.”

State Sen. Mike Martucci

“The disturbing evidence of sexual harassment detailed by the Attorney General and her investigators at today’s press conference confirms what I already believed to be true – Andrew Cuomo is utterly unfit to continue to serve as Governor of our great State. If he has any shame he ought to resign immediately. If he refuses to do so, the State Assembly must finally do its job and impeach him. Make no mistake, the Governor’s conduct broke Federal and State laws. He even sexually harassed a State Trooper assigned to his protection detail. This is someone who would have taken a bullet to protect him. Members of the Legislature were elected to uphold the laws and Constitution of our State. Failure to remove Andrew Cuomo would be a dereliction of that duty and I don’t intend to shirk mine.

“I want to thank Attorney General James and special investigators Kim and Clark for their thorough and professional report. I also want to recognize the courage and bravery of the women who spoke out and brought this sordid mess to light. Justice demands that we honor their bravery by ensuring that justice is done on Governor Cuomo. Our state must finally turn the page on his corrosive and corrupt leadership. The time is now.”

Assemblyman Colin J. Schmitt

“Upon review of the report from the Independent Special Counsel’s Investigation conducted by the Attorney General’s office, it is evident that Governor Cuomo must immediately resign and be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. No one is above the law, including Andrew Cuomo.

“Speaker Heastie must also immediately call the Assembly into special session to advance the impeachment process.

“The details presented in the report are heartbreaking and disturbing. I commend the victims of Governor Cuomo for stepping forward and I hope this is another step in their healing process.”

Assemblyman Karl Brabenec

“We’ve known for years that Gov. Cuomo was a cruel and abusive man. The Attorney General’s investigation has brought that fact to light like never before. The 179 people interviewed and over 74,000 pieces of evidence examined by investigators proved unequivocally that Gov. Cuomo unlawfully sexually harassed numerous female employees.

“This behavior is horrifying, and Gov. Cuomo must be held accountable for the pain he’s caused these women. The governor should do the right thing for all New Yorkers and immediately step down. If he decides not to, Speaker Heastie needs to call the Assembly back to Albany to consider articles of impeachment.”