Reality check

| 10 Jul 2022 | 02:28

    I was flabbergasted by the meandering and risible letter (Republican evolution) that was submitted last week by Michael H Sussman, Esq.

    While it is ostensibly about the upcoming gubernatorial election, it is nothing but a regurgitated list of Democrat talking points. To wit:

    “Orange man bad” nonsense, complete with the usual “misogyny and racism” claims, which are the usual mantras of Trump haters, and are not germane to the election, which is pertinent only to New York state. “Craziness” indeed. As an aside, Trump was photographed with Rosa Parks and Muhammed Ali as recipients of the Ellis Island Award in 1986. Where were the race baiters then?

    Also, if you want to make it a national referendum, when did we have energy independence, low inflation, low interest rates, low unemployment, respect for law enforcement, a secure border, low gas and oil prices, and respect from the rest of the world? Think about it.

    The “healing process” of Mr. Sussman seems to mean that we should have total obeisance to whatever our Democrat masters would foist upon us. We have seen them reject everything else. The Democrat Congress always seems to walk in lockstep with whatever Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer want. Thank God for Mnuchin and any other conscientious Democrat members of Congress, as rare as they are.

    The Supreme Court properly interpreted the Constitution as having no application to abortion and returned that authority to the legislatures of the individual states. Read the Constitution, and the 10th Amendment in particular, which says that the federal government has specifically enumerated powers, and that the individual states have jurisdiction over everything else. Mr. Sussman’s claim that the Supreme Court is trying to undo any rights is questionable (a euphemism). Let the states decide.

    The letter is reminiscent of past Democrat talking points (parroted by the MSM) that the Republicans are “extremists”, have “risky schemes”, or more recently, are “a threat to our Democracy” (actually, we have a constitutional republic, not a democracy). The Democrats for many years have called opponents names and tried to demonize them, even if they lie in the process. See Harry Reid’s comments about Mitt Romney not paying his taxes, Democrats excoriating Bush about the war in Iraq even though they voted for it, Hillary Clinton’s comments about right wing conspiracies, Bengazi, and her emails, and Joe Biden’s explanations about Hunter. They also called the great Ronald Reagan “an amiable dunce”. Why should we believe any of their propaganda (a polite word)?

    Getting back to the gubernatorial election, I will be the first to admit that Mr. Zeldin faces an uphill battle due to the seemingly overwhelming amount of Democrats in NYC and Buffalo. At the same time, It seems to me that Mr. Sussman’s letter, penned during an election year when Democrats are poised to suffer catastrophic Congressional losses on election day, is a desperate attempt to distract voters from the abysmal Democrat policies that are attacking 1st and 2nd Amendment Constitutional rights, the military, our children, our economy, our border, and our nation. The fact that we are even arguing about pronouns should be a major red flag as to where our country is headed.

    Paul Ertel

    Warwick, NY