'Re-Elect ... the amazing public servants we need'

| 29 Oct 2019 | 03:41

    I give credit to anyone who opts to run for elected office. It is no easy task. From the outside looking in, it is easy to purport to have the solutions to lead the way. Having the experience and knowledge to actually get the job done is a separate matter.

    Supervisor Mike Sweeton and incumbent Councilmen Jim Gerstner and Russ Kowal have been thoughtful, forward-looking stewards of our wonderful town. They possess not only the experience and knowledge, but the unique combination of common sense, fiscal responsibility and innovative, fresh, new ideas.

    During their tenure, they have preserved 4,200 acres of working farmland, resurrected a state shuttered prison with private partnerships and developed it into a tax ratable corporate park and new pristine town nature park.

    They promoted sustainable energy development, expanded the transit system making it a model for other towns, secured more than $35 million in grants, established the Friendly Visitors Program to assist our senior citizens with a better quality of life, made infrastructure improvements to our incredible parks system and so many more creative, brilliant initiatives, all the while, keeping Warwick’s town taxes the lowest of any town in Orange County that provides police services.

    Anyone looking for public servants who will listen to constituents, advocate for them, and have the energy, determination and resolve to address the issues that impact every single one of us need look no further. Re-Elect Supervisor Mike Sweeton, Councilman Jim Gerstner and Councilman Russ Kowal for they are the amazing public servants we need.

    Chris Little