Public comment needed on solar farm project

| 27 Jun 2023 | 02:09

    A large wetland forest in Warwick is slated for destruction for yet another “Solar Farm.” The forested area in question situates on Lake Station Road, in the nearly forgotten Warwick hamlet of Lake.

    Notable about this ecologically destructive proposal is it size and its ecological composition. It includes wetland forest habitat required for many rare and at-risk species. Many species listed as NYSDEC “threatened” and “special concern” dwell in this forest.

    In a town that rightfully touts open-space preservation, this project seems strange.

    Bordering owners state the parcel to be town-owned, and that Warwick will be collecting a paltry $2,200. The Town of Warwick owns many open field parcels that better-suit a “Solar Farm” (the huge lawns of Wickham Woodlands, etc.).

    Why destroy a forest for this development?

    We read about small, well-intended, but largely symbolic initiatives like planting for pollinators on residential lawns, or Warwick’s Village tree-planting program while the town surreptitiously promotes destruction of richly biodiverse natural forest.

    Hopefully Warwick’s leaders will do what’s right and hold a public comment session before making any final determination.

    This project’s “Solar Farm” symbolism may be another “Green Screen” to hide further environmental destruction under the guise of “sustainability.”

    Oftentimes, “sustainability” amounts to killing a rare white Rhino, but with a carbon-neutral, non-plastic “lead-free” bullet.

    Let’s all hope the Town of Warwick shows “Lake Forest” the respect our rapidly-declining wild spaces warrant.

    Jay Westerveld