Protect Playground Dreams

| 30 Nov 2017 | 06:02

    Warwick has a rich history of support for its community and the residents who live here. We celebrate all that is good, like Sesquicentennials and Applefest, Farmer's Markets and fairs.
    We help those in need through fund raisers, 5Ks and food pantries.
    Now, a new group has stepped forward to help, recognizing a need for all children, especially those with special needs - the enhancement of Stanley-Deming park.
    The importance of protecting the future of Playground Dreams, and all that is wonderful in Warwick, cannot be understated.
    Let's protect the Playground Dreams, now. We need the elected officials in Warwick to do what the elected officials in other counties have had to do - pass a strict residency requirement, with ID required, to use our parks.
    Out-of-towners should pay a hefty registration fee. It's time to implement these laws.
    Keep the dream alive and let's start protecting what many have worked so hard for in the villages and town of Warwick for future generations.
    L. Jean Meagher