Polio in wastewater

| 08 Aug 2022 | 09:00

    To the editor:

    So, the state of NY has declared a public health emergency over the levels of the polio virus found in the wastewater treatment facilities of 2 communities in our state. Ponder the level of virus that needs to exist to be detectable in hundreds of thousands of gallons of effluent.

    Now let us recall the thousands of once praised first responders who lost their jobs and careers over not getting vaccinated, many sought religious, medical exemptions which were denied....

    In order for a child to attend school in our state, the parents need to provide documentation of the childs immunization records including..Polio....

    Forcing public servants and school children to be vaccinated but allowing others to skirt this is disgraceful and dangerous....

    I fully support our constitution, especially the freedom of religion. This isn’t about religion, if it was then those who sought similar exemption for the covid vax would have been upheld. This is about the fact that 2 sets of rules exist in this state, and this puts ALL of us at risk...period.

    Joe Biden told us that “this is an epidemic of the unvaccinated” while he was speaking of Covid, it applies here as well.

    Some may say that Polio won’t kill you while Covid can..true But the long term effects of both can be debilitating and costly.

    Considering that we the taxpayers of this state are and will be footing the bill....shouldn’t we have some input to this?

    The “poorest town in America” .......

    James Mehling