Plan your vote

| 04 Oct 2020 | 06:07

    My husband and I, both squarely in the “vulnerable age demographic” for COVID, have decided, nonetheless, to vote early and in person at our local polling site.

    We’re determined to ensure that our votes will be counted — shielded from any uncertainty or litigation which might threaten voting by mail.

    The early-voting option eliminates any doubt. There are nine days to do so, from October 24th through November 1st, and several polling locations.

    With so many hours available, the volume of voters should be sufficiently spread out and we’ve been assured that adequate safety measures will be in place.

    The Advertiser previously published the early-voting schedule; it’s also available at the website and recently through an Orange County Board of Elections mailing.

    Still, I urge you to continue publishing this vital information right up to election day. You’ll provide an invaluable service, reminding everyone of the need, in this 2020 election year, to plan your vote.

    Mary Bono