Plan your vote

| 29 Aug 2020 | 03:03

    My husband and I had already made our decision to cast our votes early and in person at our local polling location, thus avoiding the uncertainty around vote-by-mail that the administration seems bent on perpetrating.

    I’m pleased to see that today’s issue of The Warwick Advertiser spells out all the information we need — information which I had found earlier on the website and added to my calendar.

    There are so many days and hours available that I’m assured that the volume of voters will be spread out and that extensive safety measures will be in place, as I learned from your e-mailed notice.

    I’m writing to urge that the early-voting information appear in every issue and e-mail right up to the November 3rd election day. You are providing an invaluable service, and would do well to keep reminding voters of the need, in this election year, 2020, to Plan Your Vote.


    Mary Bono