Pine Island needs volunteer firefighters

| 14 Sep 2022 | 12:01

The Pine Island Fire Department (PIFD) is actively seeking new members to join our team. The PIFD, at 675 County Route 1, consists of two fire companies, the Amity and Pulaski fire companies that have been in existence since 1936. About 10 years ago the PIFD consolidated the two separate buildings into one. Their annual pancake breakfast and chicken barbeques may be familiar.

Over the last decade the volunteer fire service and PIFD have seen a decrease in the number of active members, largely due to members changing jobs and moving to another town. Another reason is a less volunteering among younger people, attributed to busy work and family schedules. However, volunteers are asked only to help when and where they can.

One of the most pressing issues for the PIFD is being able to staff a crew to respond to an incident whether it is during the day, or the occasional middle of the night wake-up call Emergencies do not schedule themselves.

The PIFD is available all the time for responding to emergencies. Typical emergencies include fires, motor vehicle accidents, carbon monoxide alarms and helping other fire departments when they need assistance.

Not all members of the PIFD are trained or desire to be available for fighting a fire inside a residential building. However, for every one person attacking the fire, at least five times as many support the firefighter with other tasks. Many roles and functions can use volunteers.

Being a member of the fire service involves training and equipment. The PIFD provides the training as well as the fire gear. Training is an ongoing task which is dependent upon the volunteer’s role. The PIFD has several training drills each month. The training drill can involve a fire response, setting up a water source, vehicle extrication, forceable entry, SCBA drills, mutual aid training with other fire departments or participating in an instructor led class. All members are encouraged to participate in every drill, or as many as they can.

We are looking for those individuals who have thought about joining our team. Some of the skills we are seeking involve a positive attitude, ability to adapt to changing conditions and work as member of a team. Besides responding to incidents like fires and motor vehicle accidents there is a unique comradery that is shared with all members of the fire service.

Many active members have come from a family involved with community volunteering. Many members have moved into the area from elsewhere. The PIFD membership is diverse team not only in occupations but in skills and experiences.

If you are thinking about joining or want to know how you can help, we will be having several open house events encouraging you to stop by and meet some of the team.

Pine Island Fire District includes Pine Island and parts of Warwick. Volunteers can be in the Pine Island Fire District even with a Warwick address. If in doubt about your Fire District, your tax bill shows the district you are in.

Becoming and remaining a PIFD member has personal benefits, including being able to help neighbors in good and bad times and making new friends. Gaining experience can lead to becoming an officer and applying new skills and information to help others. Other benefits include new knowledge and community service opportunities.

For more information about the Pine Island Fire Department check us out at Facebook: Pine-Island-NY-Fire-Department email us at

Clint Smith

Pine Island

located at 675 County Route 1