Paul Ruszkiewicz: 'Salt of the Earth'

| 02 Nov 2017 | 02:23

    To know Orange County Legislator Paul Ruszkiewicz is to know an honest to goodness good guy. Paul is the only farmer on the legislature and is a knowledgeable, hands-on advocate for our cherished farmers throughout the county.
    Paul is accessible to his constituents. As a small business owner, he understands the importance of supporting local businesses. You can find him working with local chambers of commerce and at community events supporting firefighters, police, non-profits or citizens in need.
    Paul fights for the taxpayers through innovative economic methods, such as the securing affordable bonds for the Village of Florida, Chester and county taxpayers for the DEC mandated costly repairs to the Glenmere Lake dam. His hard work in finding matching funds for state aid to protect our beloved Black Dirt from flooding is second to none.
    In a world where Twitter wars fill our newsfeed, you will find Mr. Ruszkiewicz hard at work on his farm or quietly working hard for his neighbors, legislating common sense back into our government. He is not a man of many words, choosing instead to roll up his sleeves and just get the job done.
    Re-elect Paul Ruszkiewicz for County Legislator.
    Christine Little, RN